MIT CDO Forum West

The 2017 MIT CDO Forum West will be announced soon.

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The CDO is a growing role in modern organizations to lead their company’s journey to strategically use data for regulatory compliance, performance optimization, and competitive advantage. The MIT CDO Forum recognizes the emerging criticality of the CDO’s role and has developed an event where leaders come for bi-directional sharing and collaboration to accelerate identification and establishment of best practices in strategic data management.

You are one of a select group of chief data officers, or people in equivalent roles, who have been hand-selected to participate in this complimentary event. The goal of the forum is to share strategy and tactics in a non-competitive climate where participants can leverage their collective experiences to accelerate and deepen the investment their organization is making to mature the CDO function in the following ways:

  • Develop strategies that CDOs can use to win executive support
  • Define management and technical issues that CDOs should address
  • Provide guidelines that help an enterprise adopt the CDO role and disciplines
  • Elaborate opportunities for CDOs to engage business units
  • Consider guidelines to help CDOs assure their tactical and strategic success